My Yacht Week experience…


The Yacht week


Sometime in late 2014 or early 2015, i’m not exactly sure which, I was on my own when a friend of mine sent me a link. It was a youtube video of people partying on a boat. Several boats more like. And they looked like they were having the time of their lives. It was a curated holiday experience called the yacht week.

It was a kind of holiday package where you and a group of friends would pay for a boat that you would spend a week on alongside other boats with other people and pretty much party through the week along different routes in different countries such as Croatia, Greece,Turkey, Italy, Thailand amongst others. So of course my not so inner party girl was definitely interested. Together we pitched the idea to another friend of ours and soon we were planning a girls trip for summer 2015 to Greece.

First things first, we had to book a boat. Bookings typically open early in the year. I refuse to recollect the amount it cost to rent one of those boats because i remember mentally shouting Yekpa❠when i heard it but by the time the cost was split 5 ways it was a little more bearable. Thankfully, we didn’t have to make the complete payment at once, we paid in three installments.


Now i was super excited that i’d be travelling with two of my best girls for the first time ever on what was shaping up to be the holiday of a lifetime, but of course there were other things to consider like the whole visa process and of course the cost of my flight ticket. I started by contacting the Greek embassy in Nigeria (heads up they only have one office and it’s in Abuja) and i was informed that they had no available visa interview dates before my trip. That news coupled with the ticket prices i was seeing started making me reconsider the trip small. But when i thought about all the potential tensioning my friends would tension me via IG if they went, i started looking for another solution.

Seeing as Greece is a Schengen country i decided i’d apply to a different schengen country for a visa. But of course it’s not that simple, as the rule is that you must at least travel through whichever country you apply through and/or be spending the most time in that country during your trip. So i asked around and learnt that the German embassy gives relatively quick appointments so i decided to cast my luck with the Germans and thankfully i was granted a visa.

In order to afford my ticket i may or may not have started a gofundme because the ticket price at that time was quite a lot. But i did it. So visa approved, ticket bought, my excitement started to really take over. I’d arranged my trip such that i’d get into Athens two days before the beginning of our week so i’d do some sightseeing by myself. I made my AirBnB arrangements and i was set for my trip.


The Marina
The Marina


My girls showed up, one from England and one from the U.S and my week was off to a most exciting start. We met up at the Marina, did our check in for the week, got ur wrist bands and then went to do our shopping for the boat. Now the idea of yacht week is six days of living on a boat, sailing from port to port along with other boats, partying pretty much everyday and generally having as much fun as you can. So we needed all the regular house cleaning supplies, plus food and drink plus every other thing humans might need to survive out of the house for a number of days.


The yacht week


Our boat was quite little to be honest, but that was definitely not going to get in the way of all the fun we had planned. The next 6 days were a blur of sailing and partying from one port to another and meeting several other adventure seekers from all over the world.

Some of the highlights of the week included the white party at Ermioni on Day 3. On our way to Ermioni for the party we stopped in the middle of the ocean for a swim. Of course i stayed on the boat because i’m only just a little terrified of the sea but my friends convinced me eventually so i got in, wearing my bright orange life jacket of course. After swimming we got back on the boat and sailed off to Ermioni where we had the most turnt party ever. After the party most of my friends passed out so i got to make some new friends. P.S: Some very fine boys were made in Sweden.


The yacht week


The Yacht week

The circle raft party on Day 4. The plan for Day 4 was to spend the night at Porto Heli which just happened to have one of the Nikki Beach hotels so my friend booked a room. On our way to the hotel we stopped in the middle of the Aegean sea for a circle raft party. Basically all the boats formed a circle raft in the middle of the sea and everyone came out on their floats to mingle for a few hours before setting sail again. We docked some distance from the hotel and had to get on dinghies to the hotel. Felt good to take a proper shower after which we had a roof top party before retiring to the comfort of proper beds.


The Yacht week
The Circle Raft Party

And the farewell party in Hydra on the night of Day 6. Hydra… tiny little island with no roads/cars, quite beautiful really but it was such a hot day that we decided to book a hotel just to get away from the heat. Later that night was the winding down dinner of the week where we had a goofy prize giving ceremony after which we had another amazing party


The Yacht week


Week 31 of 2015 was nothing like the real world just as Yacht week organisers had promised. I left Greece feeling happier and looking forward to seeing more of the world out there.




    1. Tolu, because maybe you cant sleep in the yacht or maybe the yacht is not so comfortable for a good night rest. Looks like a holiday experience to savour.

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