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The Luxury Mauritius Experience


You hear Mauritius and you think long sand beaches and clear waters…. spot on!!!. Without a doubt Mauritius one of the most beautiful islands on the indian ocean. I will recommend this to the honeymooners out there… this is where you want to be but take note, the luxury resorts are not exactly “budget friendly”. But i’ve never believed the words “budget” and “luxury” go hand in hand. Mauritius is pure Luxury.

You see, the moment i found out Mauritius was visa free, my every sentence started and ended with Mauritius. Dude… you don’t know the joys of not having to apply for visas before a trip. Anyway, your passport will be stamped allowing you entry but make sure you have a confirmed return ticket, hotel reservation and personal travel allowance $$$.  My friends birthday was coming up and we finally found our reason to head to Mauritius.


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