Top 5 Family friendly fun in Dubai



You know that happy/ anxious feeling you get when you are going on holiday? No?? is it just me? Right then… well, i’m always somewhat over excited when i’m going on holiday so i tend to make daily activity plans and still leave room for some “spontaneous” fun should there be need for it. I mentioned earlier, i work in the travel industry and my job always involves finding the right tourist activities for my clients. Going on holiday is one thing, finding the right activities for you and your friends or finding the perfect family friendly fun is another thing.

I know most of you have been to Dubai or seen pictures of friends and family in dubai and they all seem to take the pictures at the same place. Mostly around the Dubai mall waterfall with the sculptures of the divers in the background. No doubt those are the most famous fibreglass sculptures in the world! everybody and their daddy’s barber have taken pictures with that background

But have no fear, If you decide to Holiday in the UAE, make sure you are well aware of the many things you can do to keep the rush of a holiday flowing in your head. Here are 5 exciting adult and family friendly activities you can choose from


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