My Guide to Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Just to be clear, This is not one of those “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” kind of posts. I don’t want you to think i stopped being cool and didn’t have any fun in Vegas so I thought I’d tell you about the few cool things I did. (In my mind, I’m cool! So go with me on this one please)

I was in Vegas with a couple of friends in October 2016 for 4 days. Although I’m usually the planner on any of my trips with my friends but this time I let one of my friends take charge and plan it all from where we stayed to our daily activities. Even though I thought I was letting her take charge, guess who had to make ALL the arrangements??? Yup, me!!! I guess her idea of taking charge was basically just an idea (No offence Juwa).

Here are a few things I enjoyed during our short stay;





shooting range
The Pink M4

Before this trip, I had never been to a shooting range. I always wanted to but it just never happened. We called the Machine Gun Vegas and they were able to arrange a “Femme Fatale” shooting experience with pick up and drop off at our hotel. The package included shooting the: Glock 17, MP5 & the M4 ALL PINK! If you’ve never fired a gun before, not to worry, you will be briefed of all safety procedures and shown how to aim and fire. These bullets don’t come cheap so be sure to book a specific package so you know exactly what you are paying for

My shooting Target was quite impressive for a first time shooter.
My shooting Target was quite impressive for a first time shooter.






One of the great things about Las Vegas is the endless availability of live shows, You are basically spoilt for choice. From magic shows to Burlesque shows to Acrobats, the list goes on. We decided to see 2 shows, the Criss Angel Mindfreak Live and the Chippendales. Seats at these shows don’t come cheap, the closer you are to the stage, the more expensive your tickets are. And because these are live shows, you are not allowed to take pictures or use recording equipments.

We started off with the Chippendales and I don’t know how to put this without discouraging you but… The Chippendales were a waste of money!!! Imagine Magic Mike… now imagine a low-budget version starring men in their late 40s. Yup! that is exactly what I saw. Apparently ” Thunder from down under” is the show to see!

No Thanks!
No Thanks!


The second show we saw was Criss Angel Mindfreak Live. My friend is obsessed with Criss Angel so she made us get front row seats and wouldn’t stop screaming every time Criss Angel did or said anything. I had seen this show in 2014 when I was last in Vegas and although I was very much inebriated the first time, I still remembered a few bits and bobs from the show. I don’t know why but I was expecting a completely different set of tricks and routine but it was mostly a repeat of what I had seen before. But I will still watch this show ten times over before going back to Chippendales for sure.


Her Obsession with Criss Angel worries me
Her Obsession with Criss Angel worries me



Picture courtesy Aria buffet
Picture courtesy Aria buffet

Las Vegas isn’t only famous for its gambling and live entertainment, if you’re a food lover like me, you will be happy to know that Las Vegas has probably the best buffet spread in the country. We stayed at the Aria hotel and luckily, the Buffet at Aria is one of the listed top 10 buffets in the city. They had this giant red velvet pancake stuffed with Nutella that made me cry a little bit for my waistline. And don’t get me started on the crab legs… don’t get me started.

Nutella stuffed pancakes
Nutella stuffed pancakes


If you are an ardent reader or a follower of my blog, you know this post wouldn’t be complete without a daredevil activity!






Fancy jumping off the 108th floor of the stratosphere tower? This is 855 feet above the Las Vegas strip… No kidding. You will be jumping alone but you will be harnessed in and attached to a cable that is connected to a descender machine. Just before rapidly approaching the ground, you will be slowed down for a controlled landing. This short descent of about 10 seconds was the highlight of my trip. I wasn’t too frightened thanks to the margaritas we chugged on our way to the Stratosphere I went solo on this one because none of the girls were interested in jumping off a flight of stairs not to talk of 108th floor of a building after the kind of night we had. Before you start thinking I’m extremely brave and fearless, allow me to show you the look on my face when I realised how far 855 feet was.


In Kevin Hart's voice "SHE WASN'T READY....."
In Kevin Hart’s voice “SHE WASN’T READY…..”

Hopefully my next Vegas experience will not involve jumping off a building and a $400 loss at the Roulette table. But, till Then…

Been to Vegas? Share your experience with me. send me an email or leave a comment.


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