How To Spend A Weekend in Cancun Mexico

Speaking of how to spend a weekend in Cancun, I have something special for you guys today! I literally just got back (IJGB… if you don’t know) from one of the best vacations ever! I was in the US for 2 weeks between October and November and in between this trip I had planned a trip to Vegas for my friends 30th Birthday (Coming in another post btw) for 4 days and that was supposed to be it… End of Vacation! SO, I thought to myself, what am I to do in Houston for 2 weeks? Suddenly, I remembered this list I made a couple of years ago “List of Countries you can visit with a US visa”. And I’m sure you can already guess Mexico was the first on the list.

I called my sister and asked her if she fancied a mini vacation since she lives in Houston. Her resounding yes was confirmation. The battle was now between Cancun and Los Cabos. And seeing as this was a last-minute trip, we were running out of time to confirm our tickets and hotels. We made up our mind and a weekend in Cancun it was!

Cancun is just 2hrs away from Houston… Can you believe that? Just 2 hours!!!… Anyway, We stayed at the JW Marriott Cancun Resort and Spa and It was absolutely beautiful.


View from my Room

Since we were going to be in Cancun for just 3 days, I didn’t want to worry about food. So I arranged with the hotel upon arrival and we upgraded to the All Inclusive package (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Drinks).




We arrived on a Thursday afternoon and we didn’t waste anytime before heading to the beach. The hotel is right on the beach as most resorts in Cancun are. You can literally go from your room to the beach in a few steps and still grab a couple of Margaritas on your way. We spent the entire day soaking it all in… the Pools, the beach, the Spa, the food… it was fantastic. As this was such a last-minute trip, I really didn’t plan on any activities during our stay. If you find yourself in this situation, simply find the tour operator desk, or the concierge desk and they will be able to help you with a variety of available activities. This was exactly what I did and of all the activities available to me, I chose the Xel HA (pronounced shell-ha) and a night out at Coco Bongo



First of all, I have to tell you guys about how 2 wicked birds tried to yank my weave off at the park. So, they have a lot of birds at the park and you can hold them and take pictures with them. But for some reason when it was my turn, these birds were not having it. They both started yanking at my weave at the same time!!!

Just look at them go… If you look at my lips I’m sure you can guess what i was trying to say


I didn’t have to hold these ones, so we were good!

I feel the need to warn you all just in case you have plans to visit Xel Ha (shell ha) or any of its sister adventure parks. BE PREPARED!!! These activities last an entire day. I mean a 12 hour kind of day. We set out from our hotel at 7.30am and we arrived at the park at 9am. And from 9am until 6pm we were snorkelling, scuba diving (well…sorta), drinking free tequila, eating Mexican food, Jumping off the “cliff of courage”, zip lining, drinking more free tequila and eating hotdogs… well you get my point.

Xel Ha Ziplines
Xel Ha Ziplines


This place is everything if you are as big a nature lover as I am ! You basically pay an entry fee and you have access to a “world of adventure”. Unlimited food and drinks at 5 different restaurants, Snorkelling, Zip-lines… visit here to read on more attractions at the park. Everything at this park is natural, I mean no chlorine filled pools and stuff like that. If you are planning to visit, you don’t have to be a fantastic swimmer.

They provide life jackets, snorkel masks and fins for all and if you’re brave enough, they have other activities that might interest you but are at an extra charge. For example,  Swim with the Dolphins, Manatee encounter, Sting ray encounter. I went with the “Snuba Caleta” as an extra activity. This is basically a bit of snorkelling and diving without the gas tanks as low as 15 feet into the water. The oxygen was carried by a raft and then distributed by gas masks fitted to each participant. You have to be a very good swimmer to do this.


Snuba Caleta

Best part about this was that you really didn’t have to worry about losing out on pictures as they had a picture package for $28 per person. They have cameras distributed all over the park and even in your underwater adventures they have professional photographers under water with huge underwater cameras taking several pictures so you wouldn’t miss a moment.

Yeah i'm cool like that
Yeah… I’m cool like that


You'll find these kind of cameras all around the park. scan your bracelet and smile for the camera
You’ll find these kind of cameras all around the park. scan your bracelet and smile for the camera


A great part of this park for me was the Hammock area. After a couple of tequilas, trust me, you need a nap! I’m certain they considered this when they made the place an all-inclusive adventure park.

Hammock area
Nap time at the Hammock area but there was a camera… Smile!!!



After all the swimming and jumping from the day before I thought I just needed a spa day and more sleep. So after my spa session I found myself laying on the beach and next thing i knew, i was parasailing! Ok… it didn’t happen like that. I saw few people parasailing from my room and i just had to get in on the action. I wish i got a few great shots but those guys were going to charge me $30 to take my pictures and being the Nigerian that i am i quickly realised that was almost 15,000 Naira at the time!!! No bueno!! ko le work!!!


The Sun was smiling... literally
The Sun was smiling… literally


The dip

After the Spa session, Parasailing, Lunch and a little rest, we were looking for some Saturday nightlife… Mexican style! That is where Coco Bongo comes in. Writing about coco bongo in words doesn’t justify it.

Weekend in Cancun

It’s basically a nightclub with acrobats, Congo dancers, Spiderman act, including performances from The Beatles, Beyoncé, Madonna, Guns N Roses, Phantom of the Opera (The Mexican look-alike as you would have guessed). Imagine all of this going on in a night club… absolutely bonkers. You have to see it to believe it.

The Acrobats
The Acrobats

We paid $145 per person for VIP tickets to coco Bongo and once again drinks were Unlimited! If you plan to visit you can get regular tickets for $80 per person and you will still get unlimited drinks but remember that this is one of the biggest tourist spots in Cancun so you will not get a place to seat and you would have to dash to the bar anytime you need a refill (you and all 500+ people down there).


Spider Man and i almost had a moment and i framed it! He was so into it as you can see. LOL

Ladies, avoid wearing free-flowing skirts. They have these confetti blasters in there that might just blow your skirt up with the confetti. I saw a lady’s skirt cover her face (LOL… Not funny)

We got back to our hotel at 3am and my sister was still trying to look for food… at 3am!! But unfortunately, McDonald’s in Cancun closes at 2.a.m. Can you guess who didn’t miss the hotel breakfast?

I never planned to spend a weekend in Cancun before taking a trip to the US. But i guess last-minute/spontaneous trips are what they are… spontaneous and fun. I spent the entire week after reminiscing on how amazing the last weekend was and I won’t have changed any part of it.

Been to Cancun? Share your experience with me!



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