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If there is one airline that has had a very rough few years, it is Arik Air Nigeria. I’m not one for kicking a dog while its down but a friend sent me a message inquiring about flights to Jos from Lagos. And that was how the conversation on Arik air and their mishaps came up. We shared personal experiences and I couldn’t believe some of the things he said so I thought I’d share mine with you.

Sometime in October 2015, My friend was getting married in Nnenni¬†… which is somewhere East of Nigeria… and about 20 other friends and I had to fly to Asaba via Arik Air. Upon departing Lagos, nothing un-usual other than the 2 to 3 hr delay by the airline. But when we were returning after the Wedding…… the usual 3 hr delay turned into (wait for it……..) “come back tomorrow”. No alternative, no apologies… nothing! The Arik staff just disappeared from the airport in the blink of an eye. You can only imagine the looks across the faces of the passengers. Trust me, You didn’t want to be in their midst.

Let’s not forget that I was the Travel Agent that booked about 20 to 25 of the bride and grooms friends on this flight. So when everyone heard the airport was closing they gave me that “what are you gonna do about it” look. But even I couldn’t get over the announcement. We had to find the nearest hotel in Asaba and in the morning, we turned this mishap into a nice long road trip back to Lagos.

After I told my friend this story, I apparently didn’t have it as bad as the lady who didn’t get her luggage which included her wedding dress a few days to her wedding…. I can’t even imagine the nightmare.

The brave ones even fly Arik Air to London or New york. I’ve claimed a mountain and jumped from a sky scraper but I’m still NOT bold enough to fly Arik air out of Nigeria.

I’m trying hard not to come across as bashful towards Arik air but they just failed their passenger too many times. As a travel agent I didn’t have confidence in their product and as a customer I didn’t get value for my money.

I’m sure a lot of you have stories on your experience with Arik Air. Please share your favourite stories with us, I think we can finally laugh it off.


  1. Nice one Eni … regrettably as many has come and disappeared. My first experience with Arik Air was return.. lagos to Abuja years ago, subsequently london-lagos- london…out of patriotic responsibility and felt, finally an indigene airline to compete head on with our foreign dominated skyline.
    Sadly never to be… negative reports started flowing on social media without any damage limitations and addresing concerns of travelling public from the management. I knew the airline is in trouble.
    Apart from the known issues and challenges faced by airline operators in the country,could there be more interested parties both within and outside of the country that will see to the demise of indigene airlines? Not making excuses…
    Common customer care,flight overbooking, flights delays, abrupt flight cancellations, all these are fundamental to any success recorded in aviation business.Get these right we can then turn our searchlights to any form of conspiracy why all indigene airlines are failing in Nigeria.

  2. I started flying Arik Air since my Uni days as far back as 2006 and never had any bad experiences except minor delays…I remember when i was moving back to Nigeria after masters i flew them from London to Lagos because they had the best excess luggage policy at the time..The flight was pleasant no delays, food was good, service was good etc. I have not had any really terrible experience with Arik Air but recently i’ve heard horror stories. I find it soo weird as i feel like they should only get better but they just keep getting worse..quite sad!!!

  3. A friend of mine was flying arik from Lagos to London.. she was set to depart Jan 9th. I think.. getting to the airport they told her that her flight has been cancelled and the new date of departure was the 16th. Not 16hrs not 3 days but a whole week!!! To say she was furious would be understating her emotions. They provided no apologies, no plans for accommodation. Nothing. Such a mess of an airline.

  4. The funny thing is that I travel with Arik locally all the time. The plan is to always use the first flight on that day. I believe we’ve all had our fair share of disappointments with all local carriers. However I think no Nigerian airline should be flying out of this country. Back to my Arik Horror story… I flew Arik to Johannesburg in 2014, let’s just say that’s not happening again (not even my corpse). The most annoying part of this story is that we rushed to the airport because we were late for our flight. At the check in counter we were advised to rush to the gate because the flight was “boarding”. We get to the gate and most of the passengers were waiting to board, we were just thankful that we made the flight. (this was about 9:30pm flight was to leave at 9:45pm). Two hours later we were still at the gate waiting to board, I looked out and noticed there was no plane on ground, few minutes later an arik staff came over to inform us that our flight had been cancelled. That a bird flew int the propeller engine (lol) and was rescheduled for 8am the following day. The staff assured us that we had nothing to worry about that a bus was going to take us to a hotel and bring us back in the morning. We get to the hotel hhhmm first of all Arik didn’t inform them that they we were coming and they only had 3 rooms that could take only 3 families, at that point the remaining 200+ passengers were extremely confused. The hotel staff tried to call their partner hotels but they were fully booked (this was like 12:30am). So we all decided t go back to the airport to talk to the Arik staff and to our surprise there was no one there. At that point I was about to go crazy. My friend and I finally found a driver to take us to a hotel close to the airport.

    Next day we get to the airport at 7 am no apology from anyone. Flight was delayed till 12pm and no compensation.

  5. I have personally blacklisted myself from flying with Arik. They have delayed my life by too many hours without any apologies. This one time we were going to Cameroon, we called their call center at least 5 times before leaving home to confirm the flight will still be leaving as scheduled and they said yes the aircraft is on ground. On getting to the airport and after checking in, we waited for a good 7 hours before we departed. No apologies, no refreshments nothing.
    This incident happened after we were delayed for a good 5 hours out of Accra 2 days earlier without apologies.
    That weekend marked the end of my patronage to this error called Arik Air.

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