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You know that happy/ anxious feeling you get when you are going on holiday? No?? is it just me? Right then… well, i’m always somewhat over excited when i’m going on holiday so i tend to make daily activity plans and still leave room for some “spontaneous” fun should there be need for it. I mentioned earlier, i work in the travel industry and my job always involves finding the right tourist activities for my clients. Going on holiday is one thing, finding the right activities for you and your friends or finding the perfect family friendly fun is another thing.

I know most of you have been to Dubai or seen pictures of friends and family in dubai and they all seem to take the pictures at the same place. Mostly around the Dubai mall waterfall with the sculptures of the divers in the background. No doubt those are the most famous fibreglass sculptures in the world! everybody and their daddy’s barber have taken pictures with that background

But have no fear, If you decide to Holiday in the UAE, make sure you are well aware of the many things you can do to keep the rush of a holiday flowing in your head. Here are 5 exciting adult and family friendly activities you can choose from







Global Village Dubai, is claimed to be the world’s largest tourism, leisure and entertainment project. It is Dubai’s first cultural, entertainment, family and shopping destination. Its the sort of place you visit when everyone in your group wants to do something different from stage and stunt shows to shopping and theme parks… then the FOOD!!!… with over 75 countries represented at the Global village you don’t know what your taste buds are in for. I mean different types of cuisines ranging from Indian to German to Turkish and much more. i don’t think anyone has successfully ever visited all 30 or more pavilions of different countries at the Global village in one day. Be sure to check opening times during your visit because they are usually opened only from October to April. but if you are in Dubai during this period, you must check it out.





A desert safari tour is the ultimate Arabian experience.  It usually includes Dune bashing, Camel rides, Barbecue style dinners, belly dancers, shisha and henna hand painting. See why i said ultimate Arabian experience?… there’s something for everyone. Personally the dune bashing bit is the most thrilling part for me. This is basically when you are in a SUV driving at increased speeds over different levels of sand dunes for about an hour or until someone in your group has to throw up. The SUVs usually travel in a convoy and stick close together majorly in case of emergencies. The adrenaline junkies will love this one but you can decide to skip this part if you have infants or pregnant women in your group or any existing health problems that might be affected. Usually after the dune bashing, your driver will take you to the camp site where you will be able to enjoy camel rides before your barbecue dinner and take lots of pictures. Your holiday in Dubai will not be complete without a desert trip. Trust me


Dune Bashing
Dune Bashing




This is undoubtedly the biggest waterpark in dubai. And if you are lucky enough to be staying at the atlantis resort or if its your birthday, entrance is absolutely free. But if not… $$$ is key! oh and make sure you get the package that includes meals with your entrance ticket. Its absolutely fun for all age groups with several adrenaline pumping/thrilling/extreme water rides to more mellow and not so smooth lazy river but there’s a height restriction of 1.2meters for some rides which might e considered dangerous for anyone below 1.2meters. And if you are not keen on the water slides, you can just lay by the beach or the pool and an extremely lazy day.

Word of Advice, the sun in Dubai is not Childs play! so feel free to hold a pair of flip flops with you to the waterpark because you really don’t want to walk barefoot on extremely hot concrete! oh… and make sure you get your wrist band loaded with money in order to avoid carrying cash around and in case you need to buy stuff.




The Atlantis resort seems like every vacationers dream. Seems like most of the fun things in Dubai is in or around the Atlantis resort. They have one of the best Dolphin habitats in the world with the funniest and most playful dolphins in its residence. You don’t have to be a great swimmer to enjoy this as it can be done in both shallow waters and deep waters if you want to swim with the dolphins. Also if you’re interested in that awkward kiss from one mammal to another, this is a great opportunity for you. Although its a tad bit pricey $$$ but with the purchase of this ticket, you get free entry into the rest of the entire waterpark (Aquaventure) for the rest of the day, its totally worth the experience.


Dhow Dinner Cruise



This is an unforgettable evening cruising along the Dubai Creek on a traditionally decorated Dhow. The best part of this cruise for me is definitely the scenery once you “set sail” and of course there’s a pretty decent buffet dinner. The Cruise is usually around 2 hrs long and i would not recommend it if you tend to get motion sickness. But overall this is a safe and fun activity for the whole family.

I know i said 5, but 5 is a very boring number so i’ll add 1 more strictly for the brave at heart…



Xline Dubai

Ok, to be honest, i haven’t tried this! it’s been on my to do list for a minute now because it used to be by invite only but now you can buy tickets for it at the Dubai mall but it’s not opened all year round. Basically, this is zip lining over the Dubai fountain, from the top of a 90-metre residential tower on Emaar Boulevard all the way to Dubai Mall, you can’t miss the stunning views of the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai on your way down during the 40-second trip. If you have tried this, please feel free to write to me about your experience or leave a comment.



  1. Wow. It’s funny how I go to do dubai every year and I haven’t done half of the things above. Thanks for this

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