Guest posts

Sometimes we get our family and friends to write to us and let us know about their holiday fun

Zanzibar Tanzania Holiday



Every trip out of Lagos begins with an infuriating experience at Murtala Mohammed airport. From having to duck from punches being thrown at airport officials by visa rejects to these same airport officials rummaging through ones underwear/bikini bag, it’s simply not fun. After both ordeals, still, I was optimistic. After all, my sister and I were headed to what The Telegraph had described as the ‘The Island of Magic’ for 4 days. However, this trip is a sturdy reminder that nothing good comes easy friends.

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“Your shoes are too nice” he said. They will definitely get ruined!

“Can I wear flip flops?” I asked nervously looking down at my new pink Nike 4.0s and wondering if I could run back up to my hotel room to change.

Our tour guide and driver shook his head and said no.

I said Very well then. These are the only sneakers I have. i’ll just walk really carefully and try not to mess them up.

I got in the van and we started making our way from the hotel in Condado to the eastern part of Puerto Rico, towards the muddy and tropical El Yunque Rain Forest.

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My Yacht Week experience…


The Yacht week


Sometime in late 2014 or early 2015, i’m not exactly sure which, I was on my own when a friend of mine sent me a link. It was a youtube video of people partying on a boat. Several boats more like. And they looked like they were having the time of their lives. It was a curated holiday experience called the yacht week.

It was a kind of holiday package where you and a group of friends would pay for a boat that you would spend a week on alongside other boats with other people and pretty much party through the week along different routes in different countries such as Croatia, Greece,Turkey, Italy, Thailand amongst others. So of course my not so inner party girl was definitely interested. Together we pitched the idea to another friend of ours and soon we were planning a girls trip for summer 2015 to Greece.

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