Favourite Arik Air Moments…


If there is one airline that has had a very rough few years, it is Arik Air Nigeria. I’m not one for kicking a dog while its down but a friend sent me a message inquiring about flights to Jos from Lagos. And that was how the conversation on Arik air and their mishaps came up. We shared personal experiences and I couldn’t believe some of the things he said so I thought I’d share mine with you.

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My Guide to Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Just to be clear, This is not one of those “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” kind of posts. I don’t want you to think i stopped being cool and didn’t have any fun in Vegas so I thought I’d tell you about the few cool things I did. (In my mind, I’m cool! So go with me on this one please)

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How To Spend A Weekend in Cancun Mexico

Speaking of how to spend a weekend in Cancun, I have something special for you guys today! I literally just got back (IJGB… if you don’t know) from one of the best vacations ever! I was in the US for 2 weeks between October and November and in between this trip I had planned a trip to Vegas for my friends 30th Birthday (Coming in another post btw) for 4 days and that was supposed to be it… End of Vacation! SO, I thought to myself, what am I to do in Houston for 2 weeks? Suddenly, I remembered this list I made a couple of years ago “List of Countries you can visit with a US visa”. And I’m sure you can already guess Mexico was the first on the list.

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A South African Holiday

South African Holiday


I wish i could explain how much i hate applying for visas before any trip. But i can’t… I can’t explain it!! How do you explain the most thought provoking procedure that can be easily simplified but is deliberately made to be gruelling and tasking so as to discourage potential migrants? Let me stop here before i make this post about my lack of enthusiasm for embassies and their tourist visa procedures. If you are interested in touring South Africa and you require a visa, check here on their Visa procedures and submission.

Anyway, I visited South Africa in January 2016 for the first time and I was in no way disappointed i made that trip. I have made a list of the top 5 Things i did in SA between the top 2 cities, Johannesburg and Cape Town. If you are ever in South Africa, I hope this helps make your trip as wonderful as it did mine.


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Table Mountain Hike ; CAPE TOWN


The moment he asked me “what is your fitness level?”, “how many times a week do you work out?” I knew I was in trouble! Don’t get me wrong, I had just recently picked up on my fitness and I was starting to work out at least 4 times a week including 3 spinning classes a week but I was still skeptical/afraid and didn’t know what to expect… mainly because I did NOT want to die.

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The Luxury Mauritius Experience


You hear Mauritius and you think long sand beaches and clear waters…. spot on!!!. Without a doubt Mauritius one of the most beautiful islands on the indian ocean. I will recommend this to the honeymooners out there… this is where you want to be but take note, the luxury resorts are not exactly “budget friendly”. But i’ve never believed the words “budget” and “luxury” go hand in hand. Mauritius is pure Luxury.

You see, the moment i found out Mauritius was visa free, my every sentence started and ended with Mauritius. Dude… you don’t know the joys of not having to apply for visas before a trip. Anyway, your passport will be stamped allowing you entry but make sure you have a confirmed return ticket, hotel reservation and personal travel allowance $$$.  My friends birthday was coming up and we finally found our reason to head to Mauritius.


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Top 5 Family friendly fun in Dubai



You know that happy/ anxious feeling you get when you are going on holiday? No?? is it just me? Right then… well, i’m always somewhat over excited when i’m going on holiday so i tend to make daily activity plans and still leave room for some “spontaneous” fun should there be need for it. I mentioned earlier, i work in the travel industry and my job always involves finding the right tourist activities for my clients. Going on holiday is one thing, finding the right activities for you and your friends or finding the perfect family friendly fun is another thing.

I know most of you have been to Dubai or seen pictures of friends and family in dubai and they all seem to take the pictures at the same place. Mostly around the Dubai mall waterfall with the sculptures of the divers in the background. No doubt those are the most famous fibreglass sculptures in the world! everybody and their daddy’s barber have taken pictures with that background

But have no fear, If you decide to Holiday in the UAE, make sure you are well aware of the many things you can do to keep the rush of a holiday flowing in your head. Here are 5 exciting adult and family friendly activities you can choose from


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